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Myofascial Sports Massage

A combination of CORE Myofascial Therapy instruction, taught by William E. Bonney and active and/or passive client movement, is what I call Myofascial Sports Massage.  Most of my clients are athletic in some way, many are marathon runners or Ironman triathletes, while others are merely gym rats.  The Myofascial Therapy releases the fascial restrictions from which many athletes suffer.  Intense training tends to generate scar tissue in the muscle and fascia, which overtime may result in limited range of motion in the muscles used for the athlete’s sport.  The fascial release is enhanced by adding the active and/or passive movement component, using the pin and stretch technique or the pin and shorten technique.  Stretching routines (see below) are added when necessary to increase the athlete’s flexibility. 


I have had training in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) from Aaron Mattes, RKT, LMT and in various forms of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).  The stretching routine that I use typically will contain some of both, depending on the athlete, on his or her level of flexibility and on the particular sport. 

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