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INDIBA®’s Proionic medical devices operate at the proper frequency that achieve the following proven biological outcomes:

Normalization of cell function and regeneration


Analgesic actions

Adipogenic actions

Stem cell bio-stimulation

Ion mobilization

Metabolism activation

Circulation in the extracellular matrix


Increase of blood flow

Tissue and cellular oxygenation


Tissue detoxification

Stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis

Stimulates stem cell proliferation

INDIBA®’s continuous leadership and scientifically backed molecular biology RF applications validates INDIBA®’s 448 kHz as a particularly effective frequency to induce subthermal and thermal biological effects. Applying INDIBA®’s CAP and RES electrodes achieves a new level of patient experience due to the INDIBA® system delivering rapid pain relief and significant improvements in cellular metabolism.

Three Biological Effects

Crossing new frontiers in recovery and pain reduction


Metabolism activation

Circulation in extracellular matrix



Increase of blood flow and metabolism

Tissue and cellular oxygenation



Dramatic increase of metabolism

Tissue detoxification and lymphatic drainage

The therapist adapts the treatments to the patient’s conditions.

Lack of discomfort during therapies allows it to be used in an intensive way, speeding up recuperation.

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